Health and Safety

We take health and safety very seriously and every effort is made to ensure that everyone on the site (including the client's operatives) understands the dangers and implementations of their actions whilst on the building site.

All of our operatives are fully trained and certified to use the machinery that they operate. All machinery is fully tested and certified and all aspects of health and safety are rigorously adhered to. We have a policy that includes all employees in Health & Safety.

Seabrook Developments recognises that its employees are a vital asset to the organisation and it has a duty to ensure that the proper provisions are made for their health and safety. To achieve this Seabrook Developments will:

• Recognise that safety is of paramount importance and an integral part of all business activities;

• Provide a working environment that protects the health and safety of its employees, all those on our sites and safeguards our neighbours;

• Be committed to the systematic identification of hazards, control of risk and the pursuit of progressive and continuous improvements in health and safety;

• Carry out risk assessments of all work activities at the planning stage;

• Set up management arrangements for producing safety plans, monitoring performance, giving specialist advice and reviewing systems on health and safety matters;

• Communicate and consult with employees on matters relating to the health and safety policy and performance;

• Establish and maintain an effective health and safety management structure with individual posts having clearly defined safety responsibilities and competencies;

• Direct management that there should be no conflict between safety and the demands of the job; and

• Provide adequate financial, human and physical resources, which will include the provision of appropriate information, instruction and training so that employees are competent in their job.

Primarily the policy is a management responsibility. However, its successful implementation will rely heavily on the co-operation of those who actually carry out the work and take risks; to act responsibly and to do everything they can to prevent personal injury to themselves and fellow workers.