Power Floating

Power floated concrete produces a hard-wearing finished surface, suitable for high trafficked areas both foot and forklift dependent on depth. Power float machines are fitted with circular pans to help smooth the concrete before metal blades are rotated over the surface adjusting the tilt to achieve a hardened surface. Before the concrete can be power floated it has to be left to harden, so a concrete installed in the morning cannot usually be power floated until late afternoon dependent on the mix and outside conditions. Power-floating process produces a flat smooth dense finish.

Min depths are 75mm bonded, 100mm un-bonded for foot traffic and designed between 150mm – 350mm dependant on loadings for trafficked areas. Drying times for foot traffic are 24 hours, the concrete dries at approximately 1mm per day and should not be force dried. These types of floors can be reinforced with Mesh, plastic or steel fibres, dependant on use and loadings. Power floated floors are hard wearing and require no further finishes, however, resins, polishing and screeds can all be applied to the surface to deliver the exact finish that you require.